A low-residency, intensive year round program providing the conceptual, critical, historical, and practical knowledge needed to sustain a successful studio.

Lara Henderson
Class of 2010 Artist
Adjunct Instructor at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

"I am currently an Adjunct Instructor at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, teaching book arts and letterpress. I was awarded a $5,000 dollar grant from the Kresge Foundation to found “Print and Book”, a summer workshop at the AS220 Printshop. After 14 weeks of demonstrations, students acquire skills as designers, printers and binders. Letterpress operation, silkscreen printing, file construction using the Adobe Suite, a variety of book structures and foundation in design and typography are all covered in the course. AS220 has become my home for the past six years and it is where I share all of the skills I acquired at UArts with a new huge community of makers. The MFA Book Arts + Printmaking program expanded my assumptions of what a book could be and my work will be forever impacted by this knowledge. I learned that whatever material or print process you are working with, it has inherent strengths and that you are wise to use those strengths and celebrate them. UArts helped shape how I develop my work - making many, many models before moving to anything resembling a final book. I received so much valuable, critical instruction on how to make my work and how to make it well. Being immersed in a community of people that loved books just as much as I did for two years of my life was a rare and special experience I will treasure always. In 2015 I was awarded a fellowship to attend Fab Academy, a six month digital fabrication and creative coding intensive based on MIT's popular rapid prototyping course How to Make (Almost) Anything. In this course, I learned how to program electronic devices and also how to use digital fabrication tools, like CNC Routers and laser cutters. This has found its way into my heavily analog studio practice with exciting results. I am currently preparing for two solo shows, both in Providence, Rhode Island. I am also working with Sue Gosin, founder of Dieu Donne, on a collaborative piece for Hand Papermaking Magazine."