A low-residency, intensive year round program providing the conceptual, critical, historical, and practical knowledge needed to sustain a successful studio.

Karen Hardy
Class of 2013 "My studio practice is centered on an experimental approach to materials that was cultivated during my time at the University of the Arts. The freedom to explore a wide range of interests and mediums, and the dedicated time, space, and equipment to realize their potential, are some of the most valuable features of this graduate program. The unstructured time I spent simply trying new things in the papermaking studio gave me the confidence to follow where my curiosity leads me. This, accompanied by critical dialogue, reading, and writing about my developing artistic voice, ultimately helped me recognize and focus on my central motivation as an artist: investigating the expressive properties of materials and the associations that they carry. The UArts education provided me with ways to take this passion and hone my skill expressing it in book and print forms. Looking back, I am particularly thankful for the program’s emphasis on conceptual development and practicing clear communication and presentation of ideas. I gained a level of comfort writing and speaking about my work that has been essential to my success in this field.

The graduate program and its network of faculty and alumni contacts have given me important connections for exhibition, employment, grants, and other professional development opportunities after graduation. I am now a studio artist and educator specializing in artist’s books and prints, based in Asheville, North Carolina. The papermaking techniques I developed as a graduate student still drive the content of my work to a great degree today. My artist’s books are widely exhibited and held in collections both nationally and abroad, and have received numerous exhibition awards in recent group shows. In 2016, I was honored as the featured artist in Abecedarian Gallery’s annual Artists’ Book Cornucopia in Denver, CO. I am also an instructor of book arts and papermaking in workshop settings around the country, and as an adjunct professor at Western Carolina University. "