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Emily Pfahl - Poster
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Book Arts & Printmaking
at the University of the Arts:

The MFA Book Arts/Printmaking Program offers advanced study in studio arts, focusing on the book as a vehicle of artistic expression and printmaking in the context of the narrative. It is a two-year 60-credit program that must be completed in four semesters. Valerie Carrigan - Messenger

Chip Shilling


A defining characteristic of the program is the breadth and depth of possibilities available to those exploring the art of the book and print. Students are encouraged to experiment and push the boundaries of the idea of the book, printmaking, and narrative and to develop an authority in whatever direction that takes, be it two-dimensional, three-dimensional, digital, haptic, or language art. Important features of the program are its printmaking opportunities, its emphasis on investigating traditional and modern bookbinding, its encouragement of writing and the use of text, and its situation in an arts university, giving students a unique opportunity to draw on other art areas — such as, photography, graphic design, multimedia, crafts and sculpture.


Jamie Shilling - Let's Live Here


Jessica Hoffman - Every 7 Letter Word In the English Language